The Visby-Class Corvette is a Swedish Navy military ship that does not transport cargo nor gain Credits in any way except for piloting it around. It is obtainable for 600,000 credits.

The ship goes off the map when you go under approximately 18.5 knots.


The exterior of the ship is mostly the colors one would most likely see on a naval ship: grey and dark grey. Behind the superstructure is a long and wide black platform, presumably for helicopters to land and refuel. At the front is a Bofors 57mm Mk3 cannon, and in the middle are antennas. The red and green navigation lights are located right on top of the superstructure at the very front. On top of this superstructure is a cone, and on top of this cone is a radar antenna.


The inside of the ship is quite bland. There are three entrances to the ship on the rear near the helipad. Once inside, there is a stairway up to the bridge. In the bridge, there are five seats, the one in the middle being the captain's seat. The walls are lined with glass windows, meaning a full 360-degree view from the bridge. The five seats face a control panel with a set of inoperable buttons and displays for each seat. The exception is the rear right seat, which has a black block in front of it.

The ship can be spawned at every port, except for Gudhjem and Nexo.


The Visby-Class Corvette is currently only operated by The Nordic Council, and they are built by Safehaven Engineering (SHE) for $184,000,000 (USD) each.