The Trafalgar-Class Submarine (further referred to as TCS) is the second submarine so far.



Top view of the Sub

It is mainly black but has 4 red stripes on the back, also on the top there is a yellow and black airlock at the front.
TCS Side

Side view of the Sub

The sides are black with almost nothing to see, except a tall fin and the stern stabilizers.

TCS Front

Front view of the Sub

From the front of the TCS, you can see grey squares, mounted in front of the SONAR, the hydroplanes, and the fin.

The TCS will have one skin in the next update: Experimental. The experimental skin will have blue chunks around the stern and part of the sail.


  • The TCS is the second sub announced in DSSIII, while DSSII has multiple.
  • It will cost 700k, and be 27 knots fast when upgraded.
  • When fully submerged, ships will not be able to see the TCS.
  • When the submarine is going under 17.8 knots, it will also not be able to be seen on the map.
    Tralf emergency

    TCS emergency resurfacing.