The Tamar-Class Lifeboat is a boat that can be spawned at Wolin D and Wolin D-station. It cannot fish nor deliver cargo.

Uses and Cost

The Tamar-Class Lifeboat costs 25,000 credits to purchase.

This boat is mainly used for roleplay or if a player wants to earn credits by piloting boats.


The Tamar-Class Lifeboat is a small vessel. It has a blue and red hull with a black, yellow, and red stripe. Near the bow, "RNLI 16-04" is written on the hull. The stern-side deck of the vessel has gray railings, while the bow-side deck has black rope-like railings that merge into a black metal railing in the front. The cabin is orange, with the name displayed on white nameplates on the port and starboard sides of the boat. On the front of the cabin, there is a small hatch, though this hatch does not open and leads nowhere. "RNLI" is written on the roof of the cabin, both sides of the cabin, and below the middle window on the bow. On the stern side, there are steps leading up to a raised platform, the cabin, and an exterior seat. Above this platform is an apparatus containing radar instruments, the navigation lights, and the sirens. There is a long antenna on both sides of the vessel originating on the cabin and going vertical.


  • The Tamar-Class Lifeboat is the only boat spawnable at Wolin D and Wolin D-station.
  • The Tamar-Class Lifeboat is the official vessel used by the DSS RNLI group.