The controls set out by Marcin are universal, meaning that they work on all ships in the game. However, there are some controls which do not apply to some ships. These controls are listed in bold.

  • W or ↑: Throttle up
  • A or ←: Turn left
  • S or ↓: Throttle down
  • D or →: Turn right
  • R/F: Dive/resurface - Submarines, such as the Vanguard-Class Submarine, only.
  • T: Alarm - Big ships, such as the Heavy Bulk Carrier and the European-Class Ferry and some military ships have this.
  • G: Sirens - Emergency response ships, like the SAR Boat, only.
  • Q/E: Docking thruster left/right
  • Y: Toggle sailing mode - Sailboats, like the Ocean Racing Yacht, only.
  • N: Toggle navigation lights - not all ships have this, like the LCVP Mk2.
  • L: Toggle interior lights - not all ships have this, like. again, the LCVP Mk2.
  • J: Toggle water cannons - only the Fireboat.
  • Blue Button Beside "Remove Ship": Emergency resurface - Submarines only.