The Light Freighter is a ship that can be spawned at Nexo C, Ronne A, Wolin A, Haulbowline A, and Santa Cruz A. It can only deliver cargo to Nexo and Wolin.


The exterior of the ship is mostly light grey, with a black hull near the waterline. The controls are housed in a small cab at the stern of the ship. Wires are seen running from bow to stern, with a pole in the centre.


The interior of the Light Freighter is incredibly basic. The only accessible part is the bridge, which is very compact.

Utilization and Cost

The Light Freighter costs 41,000 credits to purchase. The ship's basic income is 2,500 credits. It takes/delivers cargo at General Terminals.

Unfortunately, these General Terminals only exist at two ports: Nexo and Wolin. Players are forced to use those two ports. It is advised to use the Nexo-Wolin-Nexo Route, as spawning in Wolin forces one to move the ship to the General Terminal outside of the physical port, which, coupled with the ships' low speed, even fully upgraded, is time-consuming. Spawning at Nexo, however, just takes a few turns to load the cargo and be off.

The locations of the General Terminals can be found below:

Nexo General Terminal
Wolin General Terminal