The Light Container Ship is a cargo vessel that can be spawned at Nexo C, Ronne A, Wolin A, and Haulbowline A. In a nutshell, it is an upgraded version of the Bulk Carrier.

Uses and Cost

The Light Container Ship costs 45,000 credits to purchase.

Unlike the Bulk Carrier, the Light Container Ship carries cargo from the Container Terminals found on every port except Gudhjem.

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When loaded, containers will be seen instead of nothing spawning on the Bulk Carrier.

The base income of the Light Container Ship is 3,000 credits.

The best use for the Light Container Ship is the Wolin-Haulbowline-Wolin route, starting at Wolin because it is easier to spawn the ship at Wolin and then load the ship at Wolin since the spawn is located right behind the Wolin container terminal.

Exterior Description

The ship sports a clear red hull along with a white control center at the back, along with a radio antenna at the front for aesthetic purposes. If the ship is given a name, the name is seen near the very front at the very top of the darker red bit on both sides, and it is also seen on the back of the ship.

Interior Description


The control panel

The interior, like any other ship, is pretty bland. The second-lowest deck consists of the crew living quarters, which includes a bathroom, beds and coffee table spread across two rooms. The bathroom has a bath, sink and toilet which are all white. The bridge hosts the captain's seat and another seat for an assistant. The control panel is set on a wooden wedge, along with the wheel and buttons which the user cannot press. In front of the assistant's seat are 2 screens with a set of buttons on either side of the screens.