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The Fishing Cutter is the first ship a new player will have since it is given to the player upon first entry. Unlike most income ships, the Fishing Cutter makes a profit by selling fish caught at sea while ships like the Heavy Bulk Carrier and the Light Container Ship transport cargo.

The Cutter sports a blue hull and white bulwarks. The name, if given, will be visible near the front at both sides. The bridge is located towards the aft of the boat, and there is a gap in the bulwarks which are supposedly used to load/unload fish. Albeit the boat has masts, the boat does not support sailing mode. If the boat has been loaded with fish, there will be two yellow boxes filled with fish on the sides of the green thing on the deck.

The interior is very simple. There are 2 decks, the higher one being the bridge, while the lower one hosting a mere single seat.