11th of March, 2019

+ Amphion-class submarine for alpha testers!

+ Gaff-rigged schooner moved to beta testers!

+ Promises of a bigger update soontm

1st of December, 2018

+ Fully functioning guns in Visby-class corvette and Eithne-class OPV! Lublin-class will also be armed soon, when it's remade. You can only shoot with PVP enabled. This is just the first phase of the advanced ship PVP!

+ New way to make money - sinking enemy naval ships (5k per sunken ship)

+ The game is now translated into Spanish!

+ New stat and leaderboard - ships sunken with PVP + 2 new badges

+ Floating marina docks in some ports

2018-12-05 little update:

+ Skjold-class corvette

2018-12-10 little update:

+ Fixed inaccuracy when tilting

24th of October, 2018

+ Policeboat by Scriptoral (80k)

+ Fix for the memory leak

15th of October, 2018

+ Xbox and gamepad support!

+ Visby-class corvette remade from scratch by Duegann!

+ New, more realistic wakes

+ Quick interaction GUI: you can use it while seated in captain's seat (press B on PC on ButtonB on Xbox/gamepad to open)

+ Hopefully fixed the memory leak which slowed down older servers

6th of September, 2018

+ The sea is 100m deep (even deeper in some places)! Submarines pitch while submerging/emerging, added emergency surfacing!

+ Updated the map to show the deepest areas

+ Revamped Gudhjem

+ Global leaderboards, with 3 categories: miles, credits, and time spent

+ Added fire extinguisher to Extra Tools

+ Smoother weather transitions

+ The Icebreaker makes credits for breaking ice

+ Sailboats sail faster closer to the wind

+ Fixed ice physics hopefully

8th of July, 2018

+ New island! With a huge volcano, and 2 harbours!

+ G2-class carrier, the largest and the most profitable ship in the game! (by Duegann) 

+ Offshore wind farm! Added sounds to the wind turbines! 

+ Added zooming in and out to the map! 

+ Fixed the long server startup times (the terrain is streamed locally) 

+ More small additions and fixes

30th of May, 2018

+ Fires after some crashes, which slowly damage the ships!

+ Fireboat, which earns money for putting out fire!

+ Submerged submarines are not shown in the map

2018-06-06 fix:

+ Players won't jump if they leave seats

2018-06-14 fix:

+ Boat controls respond faster (they're client-sided now)

+ "Fixed" the physics lag

+ Coast Guard can't damage other ships

11th of May, 2018

+ Trafalgar-class submarine by Duegann!

+ Light freighter, by Supersnel11

+ Fishing trawler

+ General cargo terminals

+ Underwater "fog"

+ Space to jump in water (no GUI)

9th of April, 2018- FULL RELEASE


+ New island (Haulbowline) 

+ European-class ferry, which carries cars! Made by Duegann (340k) 

+ GUI menu instead of the lobby 

+ Chat tags for alpha and beta players 

+ Fishing cutter is the new starter boat 

+ More things and fixes

6th of March, 2018

+ New stats (total play time, total visits etc),

+ New challenging badge,

+ Heavier ships can lean in sharp turns,

+ Minor things I won't mention.

19th of January, 2018

+ Added depth meters!

+ Refreshed the ship GUI

+ Locked ships have blocked captain's seat - no one but the owner can sit there.

7th of January, 2018

+ Eithne-Class OPV by Yunno!

+ Landing boat (LCVP Mk2) by Duegann,

+ Motorboat by Duegann,

+ Distress calls! They are disabled by default in the settings, check the new tool,

+ Pilot station in Wolin,

+ New tool icons.

22nd of December, 2017

+ Heavy bulk carrier! (400k) (12k/nmi),

+ Remastered lobby - added winter theme (by supermax333),

+ Settings save,

+ New traffic control tower, lighthouse, and buildings in Wolin,

+ Fire alarms in bigger ships (T to activate),

+ "Met the creator" badge,

+ Updated the top bar.

2nd of December, 2017

+ Tamar-class lifeboat by Duegann (25k, Wolin D),

+ Visby-class corvette (210k) with updated interior&exterior,

+ Lublin-class landing ship (240k),

+ New station for the Tamar in Wolin (with launch effect),

+ Refueling stations are marked on the map now,

+ Less laggy wakes (less frequent),

+ Fixed the floating height of cargo ships after selling cargo, fixed the oil spills

17th of November, 2017

+ PVP!

+ Tides! They're calculated from the position of the Moon

+ Ramps for jetskis! (south of Ronne)

+ hopefully less laggy flares and wind turbines

+ more buildings in Wolin

+ locking doesn't stop heavier ships instantly

29th of October, 2017 - BETA RELEASE

+ Gaff-rigged schooner for alpha testers!

+ Ship stats are shown in the ship spawning GUI!

+ Shrimp trawler by Duegann! (31k) (3.25k/run),

+ Extra tools!

+ Shipyards, where you can repair your ships!

+ Improved lighting flashes and wakes

6th of October, 2017

+ Cutter (20k)

+ Transport of fish from the net to the ports

+ Oil spills (oil ships)

+ Daily reward

+ Currency purchase (1R $ = 500 credits)

22nd of September, 2017

+ Maersk Alabama (container ship) (9500 cr/nmi) (200k) by SteamFvnk & Yunno,

+ Jetski (7k),

+ New game pass - custom jetski textures (75 R$),

+ Fixed the chat for moderators,

14th of September, 2017

+ Oil tanker (120k) (5000 cr/mile),

+ Chat messages & special colors for Mod+

+ Fixed the issue where you couldn't refuel the Icebreaker

+ Fixed one potential cause of data losses

14th of August, 2017

+ Added ice (no icebergs yet)

+ Icebreaker (180k)

+ Two-masted sailing yacht (30k)

+ Ocean racing yacht (60k)

+ Houseboat (50k)

6th of August, 2017

+ New, huge island with new terminals,

+ Vanguard-class submarine (700k) by SteamFvnk,

+ Hospital where you can heal yourself,

+ Player points awarded for transporting cargo (1 per run),

+ Minor UI changes and other fixes.

13th of June, 2017

+ Smoother spinning animations (wind turbines & propellers)

+ Clear skies should be more common now

10th of June, 2017

+ Added teleporting, with settings,

+ Added warehouses where you can regenerate used tools

6th of June, 2017

+ New data saving system (had to reset all stats)

+ Basic tools

1st of June, 2017

+ Light Container Ship (25k)

+ Cruise Ship (250k)

+ No ship spamming

+ Delete option for ships

+ Run button and radio

29th of May, 2017

+ Container terminal & new spawner in Nexo (container terminals will be activated as soon as I add the container ship I'm working on)

+ Fixed the bug where the screen would remain blurred after resetting your character

+ Players can no longer cheat by loading cargo away from the dock (hopefully)

25th of May, 2017 - ALPHA RELEASE

DSS III was released!